WeChat Features And Functions

WeChat Feature And Functions

WeChat is popular text messaging service and fairly simple to use for everyone. In here, you may discover more interesting WeChat basic function and features.


Basic Functions:

  • Sending Text Messaging

With WeChat, you can chat with your friend and get notifications when someone is contacting you. You can also share files such as photos, website link, contact list and so on. By using WeChat PC version, sending file with any type of file format is much more convenient than mobile devices.


  • Sending Voice Message

You may also use voice chat, or call instantly to chat with your friend. By using WeChat to call, it is not cost you a single dollar, as it just consume the internet bandwidth connection from your device.


  • Video Calling

It is interesting to use WeChat video call to communicate with your friend and family around the world. Bear in mind to use a strong internet connection for video call to ensure the connectivity is stable.


  • Sending Emoticons

To make the conversation lively, you may use faces and emoticons on chat conversation.


  • Create a group chat

In WeChat, you can talk to more than a person in a group by creating a new group and add the person to start a group conversation.


  • Sticker Shop

You may download free beautiful sticker to use in chatting to make your conversation interesting. 


  • WeChat Moment

WeChat moment is similar to Facebook Wall post. You may share the content such as photo, video link thru moment.


  • Games

Other than communication tool, you may download and play games in WeChat.



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