How To Download WeChat Account

Best Social Media Text Messaging Tool

As social media tool is keep popular, everyone is using WeChat to communicate. WeChat is a popular free social media messaging tool, free and safe to download on with mobile and PC version. It allow you to chat and share files and videos among the friends.


WeChat on mobile phone

First, go to Play Store and search for WeChat. Then, you need to sign up an account with your mobile number. By signing thru mobile phone, you need to verify your account either with your phone number or email address. After your account is verified, you may login to your WeChat account successfully. After login to WeChat account, you may grant access the app to sync with the phone contact. Giving the app access to your contacts allows you to see who is already using WeChat.


WeChat on PC (Windows/ Mac OS)

WeChat for PC platform is an alternative useful platform to the mobile apps. Unfortunately, you cannot use it without a mobile account. However, it’s useful and convenient if you want to stay connected without looking at your phone!

First you need to download and install the WeChat to your PC.

  • To download WeChat for Windows, click on the link here
  • To download WeChat for Mac OS, click on the link here

Once completed the download file, proceed to install the program. Use your WeChat mobile app, and take a photo of a QR code that appears on your screen. Once is done, Wechat for Windows opens, and you may see the program very much similar to mobile relative.


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