Connect Your WeChat and Setting

How To Setup WeChat Account

Here the simple and handy instruction to guide you setup your WeChat Account and setting. Once you download and install the WeChat account from mobile phone, you may get started to register your WeChat account by follow the simple guide below:

  1. Register Account
  • Open the WeChat app and click ‘sign up’
  • Input your mobile phone number and click sign up. Ensure you input your country code in front of your mobile number, eg: 60 for Malaysia country code.


  1. Verify your account
  • Once you click sign up, WeChat will send a verification code with four digit numbers to your mobile phone. Ensure you turn on your mobile phone actively to receive the text message.
  • Input this four digit number to verify your WeChat account.
  • In case you not receive the verification code, you may click on Resend button to get another text message or you may select Phone call to receive automated phone call with verification code. The process of this service is free of charge.


  1. WeChat profile setup
  • After account is verified, input your desire name on profile screen setup. You may also choose a profile photo and upload to your account.


  1. Adding friends from contact

Adding friend on WeChat is simple and easy. There are several way to add people.

  • Open WeChat and click the Contacts. If you allow WeChat sync at your contacts, WeChat will search your contacts and allow you to add from Recommended Friends.
  • Once you see all the contacts appeared at Recommended Friends, you may click Add next to the contact and add the friend into your WeChat account. These contact will be added to your list of friend.
  • Alternatively, you may add the contact by search their WeChat ID, phone number or add the contact by scan their QR code.
  • To find friend by WeChat ID or phone number, click + sign on top right corner, input the WeChat ID or contact number to search. The WeChat ID is the name you input at first in sign up account Full Name field.
  • To Add contact by QRCode, click the + icon at the top right cornet at home screen. Select Add Contacts then Scan QRCode.  Request your friend to show the profile QRCode. Scan the code and the contact card will appear on your screen. Click Add to add the contact to your list.
  • Due to privacy concern, WeChat have an option to disable the friend finding using WeChat ID and phone number. If this option is turn off at another party, you may not able to find them by WeChat ID and phone number.



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